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Garrett Recycling
(270) 441-7635
1500 Blow Ave
Paducah, KY
A & J'S Recycling
(270) 408-4888
611 Broadway St
Paducah, KY
River Metals Recycling
(618) 524-5700
1200 E 2nd St
Metropolis, IL
Waste Path Sanitary Landfill
(270) 395-5002
1637 SHAR Cal Rd
Calvert City, KY
Freedo Metals, Inc.
(502) 637-7657
1225 S. 15th Street
Louisville, KY

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City Wide Recycling
(270) 444-6988
1700 Bridge St
Paducah, KY
Masons Recycling
5330 Old Mayfield Rd
Paducah, KY
Holt Recyclers
(618) 524-2109
910 E 2nd St
Metropolis, IL
Ballard County Convenience
(270) 335-3824
1384 Slater Rd
Wickliffe, KY
Boone County Public Works Recycling Site
(859) 334-3151
5645 Idlewild Road
Burlington, KY

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Can You Recycle Your Car?

The North American International Auto Show is shining the spotlight on new cars. But what should you do with an old car you can't really re-sell? Before you contact the junk yard, consider this:

Junked car Manufacturing a car creates pollution you probably never thought about. Extracting and transporting the raw materials that go into components like seats and the steering wheel generates twenty-nine tons of solid waste and 1,207 million cubic yards of air emissions. In fact, while the majority of pollution is generated by driving, a third is incurred in car manufacture. Disposing of tires, lead-acid batteries, air conditioners, upholstery, and other materials adds to the trash pile, reports Katie Alvord in Divorce Your Car: Ending the Love Affair with the Automobile.  ( Photo credit)

Manufacturers are taking notice by increasing the amount of recycled materials they weave into new-car production:

∗ Ford Motor Company integrated recycled material into the cloth seating of the 2008 Escape. If it expanded the program, InterfaceFABRIC, the materials supplier, estimates that Ford could save at least sixty thousand gallons of water, 1.8 million pounds of carbon dioxide equivalents, and the equivalent of more than 7 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually.

∗ Mazda and Toyota recycled used bumpers to make components for new ones.

∗ Cadillac's SRX uses 50 percent recycled tire rubber for its radiator side baffles, a process that in 2004 kept two thousand scrap tires out of landfills.

∗ Both Honda and Toyota recycle the battery packs in their hybrids to capture everything from the precious metals to the plastics and the wiring. reports that Toyota even puts a phone number (for recycling information) on each battery and pays dealers two hundred dollars for each battery pack.

∗ Ten percent of the plastic in a new Mini Cooper consists of recycled material.

According to Ward's Motor Vehicle Facts and Figures, at least 84 percent of an average car's material content gets recycled; automotive recycling ranks as the sixteenth-largest industry in the United States. Recycling those vehicles provides enough steel to make nearly thirteen million cars, while also providing jobs for 46,000 people.

You can keep the cycle going:

Make sure to recycle your own motor oil. If you change the oil yourself, take it and the oil filter to a recycling center. If yo...

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