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Behr Iron & Steel
(815) 987-2760
PO Box 740,1100 Seminary St.
Rockford, IL

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Joseph Behr & Sons Inc
(815) 987-2755
1100 Seminary St
Rockford, IL
Rockford Metal Recycling
7201 Colosseum Dr, Unit 125
Rockford, IL
Star Used Tire Disposal
(815) 961-8615
1300 Rock St Ste 4
Rockford, IL
Forest City Recycling & Rcvry
(815) 962-2010
217 Peoples Ave
Rockford, IL
Silver Group
(815) 544-9221
800 E. Pleasant Street, P.O. Box 13
Belvidere, IL

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A R Disposal & Recycling
(815) 227-9924
2019 15th Ave
Rockford, IL
S & S Recycling
(815) 964-4243
222 18th Ave
Rockford, IL
Ace Recyclers
(815) 968-1592
413 S Central Ave
Rockford, IL
Paper Recovery Service Corporation
(815) 636-2329
7972 Crest Hills Dr
Loves Park, IL
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Want to Increase Plastic Bottle Recycling? Put a Deposit on It.

If it's not easy to recycle something, is it really recyclable?

That's a fair question to ask, since we consumers are constantly being reassured that a product is "green" or "greener" because it is "recyclable" - even when, in reality, the product is barely being recycled at all.

Water bottles Consider single-use plastic water bottles. Companies that manufacture the billions of plastic water bottles flooding the market claim the product is "eco friendly" because the bottles are recycleable.

In reality, only 12% of the 15 billion throwaway water bottles manufactured each year are being recycled. As a result, 40 million plastic bottles are thrown into the trash or otherwise become litter - every day. And the millions of gallons of petroleum used to manufacture and transport those bottles? That's pretty much gone down the tubes, too.

What's the best solution? Stop buying plastic water bottles and drink water from a reusable mug or cup.

What's the reality? At least for the foreseeable future, water will be sold in plastic bottles. In fact, bottled water is the single largest growth area among all beverages, including alcohol, soda and juice, reports MSNBC .

That being the case, manufacturers should make good on their claim that their bottles are recyclable by putting a deposit on the bottles to ensure they're returned to a recycling facility.

Such "bottle bills" are nothing new. Since the first bottle bill was passed in Oregon in 1971, ten states have followed suit, including California, Maine,Vermont, Iowa, Michigan, Delaware, Hawaii, New York, and Massachusetts (full disclosure: I helped pass the laws in Michigan, Delaware, Iowa and Massachusetts). However, only three states - California, Hawaii and Maine - include water bottles in their  program.

Do deposit laws work? According to the Container Recycling Institute, states with bottl...

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